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In Bulgaria and Czech rioting mobs are burning Roma houses. In Hungary Roma sleep with fear of nighttime murder attacks. In Germany, Roma sleep with fear of deportation in the dawn. Moreover, in Kosovo Roma are scared of leaving their houses (if they are so lucky to have one) because of being attacked on the street for racist reasons. In Romania Roma try to escape depr...essing poverty by working in western European countries under humiliating conditions, in Montenegro ..., in Italy ..., in France ..., in ...
All around Europe Roma people are facing increasing discrimination, which reveals itself in exclusion from the labor market and violent attacks. As we speak there are deportations of Roma from Germany to Kosovo every month. Some of them live in Germany for more than 20 years and many children were born here so that Kosovo is a foreign country to them.
On October 28th 2011 starting at 12 o‘clock in Hannover 
Ernst-August-Platz (in front of the main train station / beginning of Bahnhofstraße)
We want to oppose against this development together with our friends from six different countries. You can take part in our action, too!
If you can not come you can organize a action day in your own country/city : )
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