International Youth Exchange - Migration never stops

The participants from Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia and Macedonia are meet on the final counter for the project in Czech Republic – Prague . The international meeting it was started on Sunday from 29 july and it will continue till the end of the week the 5 of August.The participants goes to their group again and they are finalizing the outcome witch will be presented in Poland ,Krakow ( Auschwitz). They will gather in Auschwitz on the 2nd of August taking part in The Memorial ceremony, events to remember the fate of thousands of Roma during second world war and raise awareness of danger of extremism and present issues of antygypsism and discrimination.

In the night of August 2nd to 3rd 1944, 2897 elderly people, women and children, the remaining Sinti and Roma of the so-called “gypsy camp” at Auschwitz-Birkenau, were murdered in the gas chambers. On this day we remember the countless people who were persecuted and murdered as “gypsies” under the Nazi rule. Just in Auschwitz there were approximately 23.000 out of half a million Sinti and Roma who were murdered by the Nazis in Europe. The 2nd of August reminds us of these issues but at the same time it reminds us to intervene and fight the multifaceted and never-ending discrimination of Sinti and Roma. From July 31st until August 3rd, 2011 about 70 young Europeans will take part in a two day visit to Auschwitz and in a commemoration program.

This one year long lasting project, which brings together 36 young Roma and non-Roma from Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Germany, will discover personal stories and different dimensions of Roma migration in Europe and in the world through field visits, sharing of experiences between the participants and interviews with contemporary witnesses. We want to empower the young participants to use new creative methods and tools of Human Rights Education to engage and learn more about the history of migration and make a connection to the migration that is going on today. We want to empower young people to take a voice to defend their Human Rights and to develop strategies to overcome exclusion and discrimination.

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The project "Migration never stops" is organized by the ternYpe member organizations RROMA Macedonia and Amaro Drom Germany, in cooperation with Slovo 21 (Czech Republic) and EHO (Serbia), and is financed by the Youth in Action program and the Foundation Rememberance, Responsibility and Future.

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