ternYpe participated in SALTO expert meeting on Roma youth in South East Europe

On December 5th-6th, 2011, ternYpe participated in the “Expert meeting on Roma Youth in South East Europe” organized by SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting brought representatives of Roma and non-Roma organisations working with young Roma and a group of experienced youth workers and trainers together in order to initiate a dialogue on how to strengthen Roma youth activism and participation in international youth projects and in the Youth in Action Programme in particular. Within the Youth in Action Programme the participation of young Roma has recently become a high priority, which is a fact that all stakeholders have to take into consideration. SALTO SEE (hosted by the Slovenian National Agency) and SALTO Cultural Diversity (hosted by the UK National Agency-British Council) will take the lead in the process to reach out to more Roma organizations.


Background: SALTO and Roma youth
In 2008 SALTO Cultural Diversity and the HU and SK National Agency organized a Roma Youth Round Table in Budapest and a publication was released. Between 2008 and 2011 a Working Group of SALTO and National Agencies met to exchange experience and to run some training-courses.

Youth in Action and South East Europe
For the Western Balkan countries Youth in Action Programme offers the participation in the measures of Youth Exchanges, Training-courses, Seminars (all Action 3.1 Youth in the World) and European Voluntary Service (Action 2), which are accessible for partner countries: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/actions_en.htm

SALTO Resources:

Background: the key stakeholders

  • Youth in Action: The EU Youth Program “Youth in Action” is a key tool of DG Education and Culture and is implemented by an Executive Agency in Brussels http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/actions_en.htm
  • National Agency: They implement the program on a national level, which means organizations can directly apply on national levels in program (EU) countries.
  • SALTO-YOUTH: network of 8 Resource Centres working in priority areas within the youth field and as support structure of Youth in Action. www.salto-youth.net
  • SALTO South-East Europe (SEE): promotes cooperation between Youth in Action programme countries and the Western Balkans through capacity building, information and assistance in finding partners; responsible for EVS accreditation in SEE countries and for EVS seminars. www.salto-youth.net/see
  • SALTO Cultural Diversity: provides training, learning and resources for youth leaders across Europe looking at culture, identity, faith, ethnicity etc. Learning how to live and work with differences, taking intercultural learning that one step further. www.salto-youth.net/diversity
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